Motorhomes & Caravans - The Appeal

Millions of UK families have realized the benefits of owning a motorhome. It offers flexibility and convenience and a motorhome holiday can be a lot cheaper than other options.

The Appeal Of a Motorhome

Most motorhome owners will tell you that it offers the ultimate in flexibility, and being able to pack a few things and drive off somewhere when you feel like it is a big appeal. It means you can literally park your home in a different place every day and simply move on somewhere else when you feel like it. And of course, having a motorhome or caravan is a lot less expensive than staying in a hotel for several nights, especially if there are several people travelling. If you are looking at a holiday on a budget, taking the motorhome around the UK can be a lot less expensive than a European package holiday, and just as much fun. Holidaying in the UK also eliminates the need for exchanging money, getting passports and struggling with a foreign language. A motorhome offers the fun, spontaneity and flexibility of camping, while still providing some of those all important home comforts such as a comfortable bed, heat, a toilet and somewhere to cook meals.

Hobby Motorhomes

If you are new to the idea of holidaying by motorhome or need to replace your existing model, Hobby is one of the most respected and popular brands. The company had its beginnings in Germany in 1984 and is today one of the largest motorhome manufacturers in Europe, offering a range of vehicles to suit all budgets and lifestyles. Hobby dealers can be found all over the UK, selling not only new vehicles, but also offering hobby caravan parts. The company also maintains a database of handbooks for models that are no longer produced - a useful thing for anyone who may have a Hobby motorhome that's a few years old. Hobby also uses the latest technology and the highest quality materials, which has helped them to keep their place as a market leader.

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The Importance of Regular maintenance

Regular maintenance is just as important for your motorhome or caravan as it is for your car, and depending on how often you drive it, you should have the engine, battery and vital fluids checked every few months or so. Keeping your motorhome in good condition also means checking the kitchen, toilet, shower and heating system regularly especially before a long trip, and of course the water and waste disposal systems. If your motorhome has been put away in the garage or storage during winter, it should be thoroughly checked, again especially before driving any long distance. Checking the window seals for any leaks is highly recommended, and it's a good idea to carry basic spares with you, as well as a toolkit. Always carry your owner's manual with you and refer to it as and when needed; it's also a good idea to join a vehicle protection programme that offers emergency tyre changes, petrol delivery and other help.